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Ricken (Admin)


Small Fixes

  • figure out and fix this mess
  • dual license my edits under CC0

Manual of Style

Content Adding

  • finish adding information to Help namespace pages
    • create/add pictures to main help pages for navigation help
  • make the ORK3 page not suck
  • update the Amtgard Resources pages
    • add links in all the resource pages, esp from Tutorials
    • add non-copyvios pics to all resources pages
  • pre-make portal namespaces for all categories
  • finish adding information to User:Ricken/SandboxPG and subpages
  • rewrite Admin portal/Todo list to reflect current goals


  • Update MediaWiki to current or LTS version (1.27 and future update promises plz)
  • Install Extension:ParserFunctions plz
  • Make User:Zellfaze/Subtitles this happen god look how pretty it is
  • See if there's a way to fix the double click edit thing
  • ask for a new "Portal" namespace, for things like resources, tutorials, combat, culture, etc
  • get extension for svg files, if not included in update
  • Extensions on update:
    • DPL for randomizing page links (see rationalwiki navtems)
    • CheckUser


  • data purge
    • start media audit to clear out crap image files
  • wiki beautification
    • photography drive for wiki beautification
    • Redo all templates
    • add photos to demonstrate each sort of Newbie Foo.
    • add pictures in all the resources pages
  • make someone besides Linden the Featured Player
  • link disambiguated pages to disambiguation page (new template)
  • the way we display beltlines is ridiculous and dumb
    • fix it?


  • adds afd-talk template to all articles's talk pages that are nominated for afd

Things to ask Crispin

  • What exactly encompasses "scope"?
    • HFS park pages that weren't once amtgard groups?
    • Belegarth players that are squires to crossgamers?
    • Hosting of pics like Harrison Ford?
  • Kingdom Entry Template: do we need one? Do we need a Principality template?
  • Help Desk things
    • How are we going to organize the help desk attendants?
      • Can anyone be a help desk attendant?
      • Can we call them something besides help desk attendants?
    • Can we please call the finished Help Desk "Nirvana" that would be so great and thematic
  • Who the fffffffffuck owns AmtWiki?