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My name is Zell Faze of Crystal Groves. If you are looking for information about me in Amtgard, you are going to want to check my player page. The page you are currently looking at exists solely for the purpose of coordination of on-wiki efforts. If you have a question not involving Amtwiki for me, please get in touch with me off-wiki via email.

I am a prolific editor of wikis in general. The easiest way to get in contact with me is either via email or by dropping me a line on the English Wikipedia which is my home wiki.

All of my contributions on this Wiki are dual licensed under the terms of this wiki (CC-BY-SA 3.0) and Creative Commons Zero.

I've made a few contributions under the user User: as well. I also own the bot User:Zellfaze-bot. If it causes you any problems, please email me ASAP.

I'm back! Please feel free to bother me with all the things. Prode me viciously with an email if I don't respond to your message on-wiki.