Valance Draigonnos

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Lord Sir Valance Draigonnos of Nine Willows, Golden Plains

Valance's Company Heraldry
Home Park Nine Willows
Kingdom Golden Plains
Nobility Lord
Belt Status Knight of the Serpent

"War is war. There's nothing in war that requires permission to happen. It just makes it more official."


Valance Knighting.JPG

The Knighting of Sir Valance by Sir Monkey - Golden Plains

~ Valance battling at Clan 2012 ~


Wandering Warrior Silhouetted against the dusk, the shadow-clothed warrior meditates in his exile, this limbo in the earthly plane. He is so long away from a once familiar home, as what is and what was blends, and the crime against him fading as years crawl by. Night settles on shrouded shoulders and thoughts flit past on luminescent wings. Will tomorrow dawn dreary or will the sun harken a new horizon? Must his fate ever be to await an unsure destiny and to play the mundane until battle arrives? Shimmering stars hold no muted answers and have little comfort to provide. Skirmishes in faded memory prevail as sleep caresses his weary limbs. ----- Tale written by Moonyen Sunyen

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Valance is squired under Sir Monkey.

Sir Monkey - (Serpent/Sword)

~~People that just want to be apart of the family~~


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