Vender Coqui

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Personal Symbol
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Vender Coqui, "The Beast" of Morohaven, Kingdom of Neverwinter

" Make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan"- Captain Cold

" A knight in shining armor is a a man who has never had his metal truly tested"


First formerly not known as Lance Strongarm

Second formerly not known as Lance Coqui

Currently barely known as Vender Coqui

Vender started playing in his home park of Morohaven December of 2016, but did not sign in consistently until February of 2017 since he started playing he has visited Falling Fire on a semi consistent basis and considers it home. After players stopped showing up to Morohaven, Lance changed home parks to Falling Fire and visits as often as he can. Vender was belted originally to Master Waveharp of Morohaven but on February 2018 was paged to Bolt cheetah. Vender was later promoted to M@A in November of 2019.


Sir Stinkfoot
   Squire = Bolt cheetah
     Man-At-Arms = Edler Von AttA
     Man-At-Arms = Geitz Fausnight
     Man-At-Arms = Vender Coqui  <-----


3 Orders of the Warrior

3 Orders of the Rose

2 Orders of the Griffin

1 Order of the Garber

1 Order of the Mask

1 Order of the Atta Boy