Venus Hünüwhogod

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Dutchess Sir Venus Hünüwhogod of Neverwinter



Began playing in Dragons Keep. Moved to Bloodstone in 2006. Served as local regent for DK on multiple occasions. Served as Regent of Neverwinter twice. She was the first female Monarch of Neverwinter. She was belted a Knight of the Crown in 2008 by her former knight, Nocturne, during the court of King Stinkfoot. Notable firsts: First female Monarch of Neverwinter, first female 3 belted knight of Neverwinter, first female to hold every Crown office of Neverwinter.

Belted Family

  • Former squire to Sir Nocturne Karuwhogod, who was squired to Sir Auwyne Aboowhogod.


Additional Info

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