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Saint Vetta B Tertiary of Felfrost, Nine Blades




Vetta came to Wolvenfang in February of 2010 during Frostbite after escaping her home town of Torrent.

Vetta became a Master Bard at Frostbite 2013; her third year anniversary of Amtgard!

In 2015 Vetta moved to Twilight Peak where she soon become the Baroness, a term which earned her the noble title Baronet.

In 2018 Vetta earned her knighthood and moved to Felfrost.

Belted Family

Positions Held

-Baroness of Twilight Peak September 2015-March 2016

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Flame - December 2018
  • Master Rose - Given by Talaris, March 2018
  • Master Bard - Given by Baron Page Ducryus, February 2013
  • Baronet - Awarded by King Nexus, March 2016

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