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Victorious Secret


Victorious Secret started as an all-girls jugging team at Rakis. The main idea came from Shenanigans and Bamm, who had taken note of the lack of women on the jugging field and wanted to make moves to help women feel more comfortable fighting, regardless of skill level. The first year, Victorious Secret did surprisingly well, they won many cheers from the crowds and nearly started a fight when a heated argument arose with another team. Shenanigans continued to put together a team every year until 2012.

Recently, Shenanigans decided to revamp Victorious Secret as a household. Continuing the tradition of a female-only group, the household is about general female power in Amtgard. From Shenanigans herself, "On top of making a team for events, I would like to extend this as a household to all females who enjoy jugging regardless of kingdom/fighting company/etc. This would be a really great outlet for those of us who may not always fight but enjoy the game, as well as support since a lot of the critique females face in this facet is about the toughness and violence of jugging."


More Information

Contact Shenanigans if you are interested in joining!