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Lady Vix of Rising Sun Station, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

”Some small consolation for all the pain you go through is the greater capacity for love and care you develop reaching the other side.”

Lookit this dork being all cute.
I see nothing wrong with this picture. Photo courtesy of Rel.


Vix started playing at Rising Sun Station in the summer of 2019. Shy but tenacious, she learned to be unseen and deadly with her twin blades in the dappled shade of the trees. On returning to the game alongside her friends after the Great Plague, she discovered archery and has since put her efforts into becoming better with a bow, gaining recognition in the Archer class. Recently, her interests have also expanded to include Druid, Paladin, and Wizard.

Since September 2021 when she accepted a belt under Léal, she has actively grown to be a significant member of the community at Rising Sun, working through several positions in park monarchy to make the game more enjoyable for the people who call those lands home.

Vix strives to be confident in herself, and finds that most frequently through teaching others, volunteering, and creating colorful garb.

List of Titles

- Lady

- Squire (To Leal Fitzmorgan de Junshin)

- Paragon Archer

- Defender of the Rising Sun (Non-Noble for work as park Champion)

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

Co-founder of Twintails Fighting Company

More Information

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