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Lord Volic Dimitri of Pantur Radiant Valley, WE




In 2001 after the mysterious death of his brother Jonathan, Volic journeyed to the newly founded lands of the Sleeping Dragon where Volic made his base of operations as an adventurer.serving as as sherrif and champion after the many ups and downs in the shire volic along with Thorin McDoul and Alugard Yardaovic formed Pantur from a village to a strong shire.

For several years both Lands enjoyed growth till the wars of domination took there tolls on the Lands and both folded. Volic taking a 12 year journey to rebuild his home has now came to Radiant Valley and is happy to help where ever he can again.

Affiliated Groups

Founder of the Fighting Company The Dragon Legion and Co-founder of the Sleeping Dragons Clutch of the Dragon Legion. September 2021- Present

Former Commander of the Kodo Bragade. 2005-2007

Former Sub-Commander of Starlight Legion. 2003- 2005

Former lieutenant of Gardians of the Blue Flames. 2001-2003

Belted Family

Former MaA to Squire Black Dragon.

Notable Accomplishments

Co Founder of Pantur.

Received the Noble title of Lord Winter's Edge spring coronation 2021.

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