Wardens of Shadow's Light

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Wardens of Shadow's Light

”We are Soldiers of Fortune,
But we are Knights with a purpose.
We are Noble Lords,
Yet we can still be Brigands.
We relish in Chaos,
But we still maintain Order.
We are the Wardens of Shadow's Light,
We walk the paths Dark and Light.
So balance can still maintained.” -The Warden's Oath


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Black,Green,and Red


The Wardens of Shadow's Light is an order that has no true loyalty to one kingdom and has our own agendas. But being a Warden has a price, to understand the darkness a warden most take in some corrupted they fight. If they survive the corruption the warden may fight Sarvic's follows better.


100 years ago the world was in chaos because of a great evil Wyrm, Sarvic The Death Feaster, and his corrupted followers. Mighty kingdoms fell to Sarvic's wrath and the people of the world were suffering in his shadow. Then when all hope seem to be lost, a light came from the shadows. The Wardens step out, barbarains and kings. Man, Dwarves, Elves and other races from different walks of life came to fight a common foe. The Wardens fought bravely and slayed the evil wyrm, but the beast soul still lived on in another plain of existence. So for 100 years The Wardens of Shadow's Light stay vigil to make sure Sarvic's follows do not resurrect him more powerful then before.

Affiliated Groups

The Brotherhood of Dark Tower ~ The Wardens and Dark Tower signed a peace treaty many moons ago that can only be known as The Treaty of 12. Which allies Dark Tower with The Wardens. Treaty can only be broken if either company falls completely, or if each groups leaders make that decision.

Notable Accomplishments as a Company


The Serpent Eaters

Serpent Eater Warden Chapter.jpeg

Chapter's Territory

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois

Notable Accomplishments as a Chapter

The Crimson Raiders

Chapter's Territory

The Mithril Defenders

Chapter's Territory

The Spell Seekers

Chapter's Territory

Ranks and Titles


Young Blood

Warden's Young Blood Rank.jpg

Young Bloods are the Warden prospects who see to join the group. A person is normally a Young Blood for 6 months to a year, depending when they are voted in to the Wardens as a full member. Within this time period, the Young Blood is being tested and watched by the full fledged members of the Wardens to see how they will fit into the company. Normally after the 6 months the full fledged members vote to see if the Young Blood become full fledged members themselves. How voting works is that the chapter's Warden Lord, the full fledged Wardens, and the Harbinger, if present, will vote on the Young Blood's admission at an Amtgard event. The Young Blood will become a full member on majority vote.

As a Young Blood they can wear the Warden's color and the Young blood rank patch, but can't wear the Warden's and chapter's heraldry.


Private is the rank a person receives after being fully voted into the Wardens.

Privates can finally wear the Warden's heraldry and chapter heraldry on the garb, along with their rank.

Master Sergeant
First Sergeant
Senior Warden
Warden Commander
Warden Lord
The Harbinger


Black Templar
Raven Guard

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