Wargauth Bluetarp

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Lord Wargauth Bluetarp, Seeker of the True Spyre, Mayor of Hustletown, Coach-Admiral of Granite Spyre, Kingdom of the Wetlands

”Let all sit and hydrate in celebration!”

"Excellent Hustle Everyone!"


"They call him Bluetarp, on account of he's so roofless."

Wargauth Bluetarp was born to a people known as the Tarpolin in a place called the Azure Glacier. Heir to the will of his grandmother, who was a witch of some repute (the nature of this reputaion seems to vary with each anecdote that Bluetarp relates.).

He is currently learning the higher levels of spellcraft from Blutavius von Brineblower, a sperm whale who hails from the waters near his homeland.

Bluetarp does not identify as a wizard, he always signs in as RAGE MAGE(and sometimes as Reeve).

Someone once caught Bluetarp during a particularly lucid moment and asked him about the nature of his powers:

"Mastery of my connection to the Warren of Rage is the normal source of my power. I channel it in various ways, such as lensing it into a particular aspect or manipulating the passions of others. I am also learning the ways of the spirits.

I spent years denying my potential, walking the path of the Barbarian. Now, I can hear the cackling of the village witches even from here..."


"Cursus, Irrigatus, Dormitus, Instauratus"

Translation: Hustle, Hydrate, Rest, Repeat


Baron of Granite Spyre (Fall 2015)

Guildmaster of Wizards (Winter 2015)

Regent of Granite Spyre (Summer 2016)

Affiliated Groups

Granite Spyre University Athletics Department

Granite Spire Navy, Office of the Admiral, Office of Naval Inquiry

GSU Expeditionary Field Trip - Green Team

Wizard's Guild of the Wetlands

Office of the Mayor, Hustletown

Belted Family

Prefers suspenders.

Notable Accomplishments

Spellballs from dodgeballs.

Winner of the 2015 Soggy for Most Improved Newb


Pictured here, Bluetarp on the day of the invasion of Granite Spyre by Duke Berics' army of monsters, bearing the Staff of Nuntius on loan to him from Harold Thundervoice.

Bluetarp 01.jpg

More Information

Unaligned lvl.6 Wizard

Hustle: Tap to refresh one other unit.

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