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Master Waveharp, of Morohaven, the Kingdom of Neverwinter

Master Waveharp


First recorded sign in 09/22/2015

Is one of the founding members of the second age of Morohaven, and help raise the status of the park from a shire to a barony. Served four consecutive terms as local Chancellor before passing it down to Lord Drathmatt. Waveharp and Vender Coqui where the last two members of Morohaven by the end of the second age.

Affiliated Groups

Founder and Captain of the Dragon Claw Company- Black Scales

Notable Accomplishments

Received the Title of Master 05/16/2016

2 Orders of the Dragon

1 Order of the Lion

1 Order of the Owl

2 Orders of the Rose

1 Order of the Smith

3 Orders of the Warrior (Two 2nd Orders)

1 Order of the Zodiac Granted by King Pumpkin Jack for Procrastination

Belted Family

Under the title of Master, Waveharp had two pages

1st: Mike -

2nd: Vender Coqui - Currently belted to Bolt cheetah

Additional Images

Waveharp being jumped into the position of chancellor of Morohaven (the first time)