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The Kingdom of Westmarch, located in the state of California.


Westmarch's heraldry

The black tower stands for the original confederacy of the founding lands while the white roads symbolize the five founding lands themselves leading to the confederacy.


To see a list of all of Westmarch's past officers, please see WM Monarchy. Those interested might also like to see a summary of the Prehistory of Westmarch.

September 29th, 2007, Dragonspine unanimously approved Westmarch's petition for principality.

March 1st, 2008 the Principality holds it's first ever BOD meeting.

July 27th, 2013, the Amtgard Circle of Monarchs raised Westmarch as the 19th Kingdom! With a vote of 15 to 0.

For a history of fighting competition standings, please see WM_Fighting_Tournaments

For a history of cultural competition standings, please see WM_Cultural_Tournaments


These are the groups that make up the Kingdom of Westmarch

A map of all the current Westmarch lands

Westmarch Active Lands

  1. Duchy of Wavehaven -Santa Cruz, CA
  2. Duchy of Crimson Wood - Rohnert Park, CA
  3. Duchy of Thor's Refuge - Sacramento, CA
  4. Barony of the Seven Sleeping Dragons - San Luis Obispo, CA
  5. Shire of Aegir's Hall - Lodi, CA
  6. Barony of Wyvern's Spur - Berkeley, CA
  7. Barony of Aureus Saltus - Martinez, CA
  8. Duchy of Siar Geata - Carlsbad, CA (North of San Diego)
  9. Barony of Fal Dare - Carson City, NV
  10. Shire of Mistyvale - Sacramento, CA (Voted in January 2015)
  11. Shire of Bremen's Fortress - Fullerton, CA (Voted in May 2015)
  12. Shire of Valley of the Fallen - Pasadena , CA (Voted in November 2015)
  13. Shire of Belial Peaks - Brentwood, CA (Voted in November 2015)
  14. Shire of Nymyr's Sanctum - San Jose, CA
  15. Shire of Clockwork Spires - Fesno/Clovis, CA
  16. Shire of Ashen Grove - Murrieta, CA
  17. Shire of Quixotic Valley - Tehachapi, California (Voted in November 2021)
  18. Shire of Valonde - Stockton, California (Voted in October 2022)

Petitioning Parks

Defunct or Acquitted Lands

  1. Shire of Eldritch Hills - East Pasadena, CA (Defunct ~2010)
  2. Shire of Silver Sun - Santa Barbara, CA (Defunct ~2011)
  3. Shire of Sunset Cliffs - San Diego, CA (Defunct)
  4. Shire of Eternal Wolf - Reno, NV (Left the Kingdom 2014)
  5. Shire of Diablo's Cauldron - Concord, CA
  6. Shire of Sylvan Reaches - Larkspur, CA
  7. Shire of Sunfire Valley - Van Nuys, CA
  8. Shire of Skyfire Bay - Hilo, HI

Current Westmarch Monarchy

Reign XXXI November 2022 - May 2022

Prior monarchy


Amtgard Chapters within Westmarch
Core Chapters: Aegir's Hall · Aureus Saltus · Crimson Wood · Seven Sleeping Dragons · Thor's Refuge · Wavehaven · Wyvern's Spur

Sponsored Chapters: Ashen Grove · Ashen Spire · Belial Peaks · Bremen's Fortress · Clockwork Spires · Fal Dare · Mistyvale · Siar Geata · Skyfire Bay · Sunfire Valley · Valley of the Fallen

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