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A Barony in the Celestial Kingdom, located in Weslaco, Texas.



Provincial Player's Guide


Many years ago, Wickervale was a small short lived Amtgard park out in Weslaco. When the HFS Kingdom Ravenwood voted to disband and go Amtgard, there was all ready a Raven's Wood Amtgard Park so we took part of the old name to honor those that came before and keep the Woods from Ravenwood. That where the name WickerWood came from. The old members of WickerVale sadly are no longer active but some of their families still play at WickerWood.

The park received its Barony status at the Midreign of King Blackwolf Wyngarde of the Celestial Kingdom in August 2014 and its Dutchy status at the Coronation of King Distan of the Celestial Kingdom in May 2015. It was demoted to Barony status shortly after the Coronation of King Watcher in Rokia of the Celestial Kingdom in November 2017.

Hosted its first Celestial Kingdom event of Weaponmaster, Dragonmaster on February of 2019 under the reign of Lord Fog.


Wickerwood has a combination of Amtgard and former HFS players.



Wickerwood includes members of Dark Triforce Corps, The Legionnaires, Dark Riders The Weslonian Brotherhood among others.

Notable Accomplishments

Contacts and Directions

  • We meet at 3:00 pm every Saturday at Isaac Rodriguez Park in Weslaco, TX.
  • We also have a Fighter Practice on Fridays at the Weslaco City Park on Airport Dr. at 5:30 pm.
  • Contact these officers at: wickerwoodamtgard@gmail.com.
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/Wickerwood/


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