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William Axeperson, of Silverwater Burning Lands

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An early player from silverwater, William Axeperson took his name from the fact he was using an axe at the time. For awhile, he would modify it based on whatever weapon he was wielding, or sometimes even class (e.g., William Medicperson for healer), but somehow Axeperson stuck. Sometime later he tried to change it to "William of Silverwater", but that never stuck.

He was known for being sneaky and backstabbing people in battle games, which he was particularly good at. Often entire teams would be told to keep an eye on him if nothing else only to fall victim to his tactic. Early on he seldom wore garb, but during a garb enforcing push he went and made garb from camouflage material. He once later made some armor based on Robotech mecha, but it was mostly spray painted and duct-taped cardboard, which did not last.

For a time he was going out with Uchette though not at the time of her death.

Has been inactive since around 2000, though came out once around 2004 then vanished again.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

As far as we can tell, first person in Florida to make a Pole Flail. With this flail he quickly ran up six orders of the warrior, before people realized they should just have awarded the orders to the flail instead.

Apart from that, his most notable combat skill was with two daggers, where he was pretty good at taking on large two-handed swords and spears despite the lack of reach.

One of many people that caused Tizzleton to go berserk, this one from charging Tizzleton's Fireballs on the ground with remain active then telling him where they were.

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