Willow A'mor

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Baronet Squire Willow A'mor of The Port of Winter's Night, Rising Winds


Willow began playing Amtgard at Woodhaven Keep in December of 2007. She was assigned the position of Regent at the beginning of 2008. Shortly afterwards, Xerxies left for Georgia, and she moved to the position of Monarch, leaving Lynth to fend for himself in her position. ("This was not exactly appreciated" -Lynth)

Affiliated Groups

Frenzy United

Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments


  • Regent of Woodhaven Keep, March 2008 - July 2008
  • pro temp Monarch of Woodhaven Keep, July 2008 - February 2009
  • Monarch of Woodhaven Keep, April 2010 - September 2010
  • Monarch of Woodhaven Keep, September 2010 - March 2011

More Information

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