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Wokou is a crazy little place on E-sam. Nuff said.

The editor would like to note that this page will be updated as erratically as Wokou itself. Enjoy.

Current Reign

Gracious Dicktator- Kane

First Wokourt Reign

Wokween - Asmund
Wokonsort - Grendel
Chumpion - Kane
Prime Sinister - Itsari

Wokourt Heraldry

~template by Asmund, colored and translated to Hawaiian by The Abi

Knots of Wokou

of which there are currently none

  • Knot of the Hammock- for holding Wokou-level offices
  • Knot of the Iguana- for excellence in the field of Wokou arts
  • Knot of the Bonfire- for service to Wokou
  • Knot of the Bamboo Stick and Coconut- for currently undefined Wokassholeness