Wolf Riders

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We are the Wolf Riders, a Household in Amtgard.

We are an Elven Dominated Society in which other races are welcomed. We differ in our abilities of taking the form of our individual totems, Most take the form of the Wolf, Some would refer to this as a Lycanthrope but we as Wolf Riders have this ability from the change and the ability to control our changes and thoughts unlike common Lycanthropes.

As a lycanthrope house hold, meaning we are those who when a full moon occurs (or not) we change into a wolf, werewolf, or some type of Lycanthrope. However, we are not a wolf exculsive group. We welcome all forms of were, from were-cats to were-lemurs. We do encourage that all our members roleplay a were or lycanthrope of some kind and embrace the sides of us that run wild in the moonlight.

We are a service household with focus in the betterment of the game. We volunteer at feasts, run events, make garb and weapons for newbies, etc.


We are Run by a Lord, a Lady and a Council.


Jin Moonskar of Knoblands, Kingdom of Tal Dagore

The Lord's Advisors: Smiley, Orgasmatron


Dakota of King's Point, Kingdom of the Emerald Hills


Smiley Orgasmatron Nagateth Darkjester Harkilar Cassandrah


We also follow a rank system.

One bite - Pup for a year

Two bites - Wolf for a year

Three bites - Full Wolf

We have Chieftains of Clans, which follow a specific bloodline. Example: White Wolf of Clan Scarpaw bit Cassandrah who became a chieftain of Clan Lovebites and then bit Little Raven, whose lycanthropic bloodline is that of Clan Lovebites (hence the addition to her name).


Clan Lovebites
Clan Spiritpaw
Clan Smokestuff
Clan DuClaw
Clan Red Claw
  • ?????? - Cheiftian
Clan Lashpaw
Clan Scarpaw
Clan Darkpaw
Clan Moonscar
  • Jin - Chieftain
    • Kel - Full Wolf
Clan Silverfang
Unknown Clans
  • this list is under construction as we are still trying to track down all our members.
  • If any of this is not correct please correct it. Also please cross reference the O.R.K. record and add those who are still wolfriders to this list under the clan they belong. The O.R.K. record is highly out of date so only add if you know for sure the information is correct. -Smiley-


Order of the Flame, given by King Kyran Gooddblood Esq. of Dragonspine, 09/29/01

Colours and symbol

Our colours and symbols vary because of the varied bloodlines. For example Clan Spiritpaw's is below:

Wolf Riders Clan Spiritpaw