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The Household Wu Tang was founded on principles of Honor, Loyalty and continual improvement.

The members of Wu Tang hold their honor to the highest regard, both on the battlefield and off. A desire for constant improvement in all aspects of life is an ideal that all members attempt to exhibit.

Continuation and evolution of a fighter is inevitable; in order to become the best to which they are capable, and then beyond.

Each member is charged with the duty to uphold these values to all other members, and to encourage that honor and growth to those around them.


Wu Tang was formed as a household, with a primary focus on fighting. Several of the founding members already had memberships in other companies, and as such was formed as a household. Symbolic to the idea that all are welcome if they are able to prove their worth.

The traditional color of a belt favor is yellow with a black lowercase 'w'.

Other variations have been: Black favor, yellow 'w' Yellow favor with 'w' of a personal color (solid red or white and green for example) The 'w' symbol is a lowercase 'w' using the 'blood of dracula' font.

This is an example:


Becoming a Member:

A petitioner must contact a member in good standing in order to request membership. Upon approval of that member, they become that petitioner's sponsor. The Wu Tang favor worn by the sponsor is then torn in half, and given to the petitioner to denote their status.

A petitioner then undergoes a petitioning period of not less than one year, and is decided by a unanimous vote at the yearly event, Rakis.

If even a single member in good standing casts a dissenting vote, the petitioner is denied entry and must wait until the next year to come before the council again.

During the petition period, it is expected that a petitioner undergo an "Honor Talk" with every active member. These talks are to be setup between the petitioner and each member on their own accord. It is not required, but very strongly recommended, in order to fully understand the personal implications of honor and self-improvement.


Half-Wu Members:

Former members: