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The many titled, the paragraph, the time share pamphlet, the fashionable, Grand Champion of Northreach, The Honorable Archduchess, Tactician of the Hunt, Paragon Druid, Man at Arms to Baron Dieter Von Bron Boneschivinger, Troll Lord, Captain, Zerial Trollhorn, the Unrelenting, G.O.A.T, of Astral Winds in Northreach, Remnant of the Frozen Wasteland, Lord to page Apprentice Dragon Slayer Protector of the Wheek, Ada of Cavia, Lord to man at arms master assassin Nox Illuminati del la Sol, Lord to the herald of Astral Winds Tree, Lord to Man at Arms Wolfsbane, remnant of the Frozen Wasteland, Master to the Beast of Gévaudan, Lucian Lachance, guide of the cursed forest, Apprentice to master assassin Nox Illuminati del la Sol.


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"That's better than a swastika"

"Everybody has a plan until Zerial runs up on you" - Mike Tyson probably

"circle strike, it's just block strike with extra steps"


Best described as "terminally chill"

Affiliated Groups


Dragon Flame

Belted Family

Zerial Trollhorn (Lord)

- WaA Ada of Cavia

Notable Accomplishments

Weapon Master Astral Winds 2017

War master Astral Winds 2017

Weapon Master Astral Winds 2018

War master Astral Winds 2018

Weapon Master Astral Winds 2019

War master Astral Winds 2019

Paragon Druid july 2021

The only amtgarder to have seen Hars Blackwaters exposed skull.

Flurb of the year 2021, along with Ronin, Xalgrim of Kray

Top 5 Positions

GMR of Astral Winds 2010

Champion of Astral Winds 2010

Regent of Astral Winds 2011

Regent of Astral Winds 2015

Regent of Astral Winds 2015

PM of Astral Winds 2019

PM of Astral Winds 2019

PM of Astral Winds 2020

Champion of Astral Winds 2021

Champion of Astral winds 2021 (7-24)

President of the Astral Winds BoD.

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