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Baronet Squire Zeuk Taren, Guildmaster of Reeves of Boreal Dale

"Beware! Your kneecaps are mine!!"

”It ain't Amtgard 'til Dimaryp falls on his ass!"

"Dimaryp'd his pants again..."

"Zeuk's Taren his pants this time..."



Zeuk or Dimaryp has been a member of Amtgard since 2009. He loves to roleplay and craft. Along with that, he has also been in office since he began Amtgard. Throughout his entire Amtgard career he has not been an officer only a grand total of about 8 months. He has become Squire to Esselia, starting off as Page then Man-At-Arms. Zeuk received the noble title of Lord by King Sir Akrith and then Baronet by King Jonda'lar Silvertongue for his efforts in Boreal Dale and Goldenvale. During his reign as Sheriff the Shire of Boreal Dale was promoted to Barony by Grand Duke Sai Bowen during his reign as King. In the subsquent reign as Baron, the park of Boreal Dale reached it's highest average attendence of more than 40 people per week and reaching a record high of 63 on a non-event day. His character Dimaryp deceased in September of 2014 and now, almost exclusively plays as Zeuk, a Gnome Guar-riding Barbarian.

Biography: Zeuk

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Biography: Dimaryp

Dimaryp lived most of his life growing up in a temple far in the Northeast of Goldenvale that stood atop a cliff overseeing the ocean. There, he learned discipline, philosophy, humility, and martial combat. Dimaryp was astonished by the arcane arts, but this was a forbidden practice amongst his temple and when Dimaryp was caught conjuring a bolt of mystical energies, he was exiled from the only place he called home. Dimaryp made his way south, stumbling upon a small shire known as Boreal Dale.

Meeting new friends, Dimaryp was able to become one of the locals, setting up a dojo, and teaching others what he learned in the temple (much to the dismay of the monks) while incorporating his own beliefs and philosophies all while being completely free of charge. Dimaryp makes actual coined profit from cooking and selling his constructed weapons. He has since then made a name for himself in the Dale and even somewhat in Goldenvale Proper, becoming Page to Her Grace, Duchess Squire Esselia, as well as becoming Duke Sir Bowen's personal chef. In the Dale, Dimaryp has earned several titles and various officer positions over the span of time since his arrival in the Shire including Regent, Pro-Tem Champion, and even carrying the title of Dragonmaster on a couple of occassions.

In a recent past, Dimaryp lost his eyes in a struggle with a Medusa. He led the town to slay the beast after a long journey throughout the woods with nothing but the trees to guide him. Eventually, he did make it back to the dale, hunted down the beast and contiued his reign as Regent for two more terms. Dimaryp has had many adventures along the way, including becoming an avatar of death, and being possessed by a malevolent being known as a Dreamstalker named Xerach'Xhul. After the Planes of Chaos catastrophe that befell Boreal Dale, Dimaryp was taken of by the evil power of Xerach'Xhul and killed in front of his friends and family. Another Dimaryp from the realm of Dragons took his place as Baron for a short while, but was assassinated, resurrected, then banished to his home realm. The name of Dimaryp may now, finally, be put to rest. R.I.P. 2014

Affiliated Parks

Active member of Boreal Dale since September 2009.
Occassional visitor of Goldenvale Proper.

Belted Family

Dimaryp and Esselia Left to Right: Dimaryp, Promethea, Esselia, Dracious, Anders, Trik, CC, Dorcas

Notable Accomplishments

Squire to Duchessa Dame Esselia, September 2016

Baronet Title from King Jondal'ar Silvertongue, May 2015

The Tokwan Vaunt Non-Noble Title King Nexus Crow, December 2013

Peacekeeper Non-Noble Title from Baron Malchot Ashitake, October 2013

Lord Title from King Sir Akrith, March 2012

Man-At-Arms to Duchess Squire Esselia, December 2011

Feastmaster Non-Noble Title from King Talos, September 2011

Page to Duchess Esselia, December 2010


Duke of Boreal Dale, July 2018 - Current

Ducal Chancellor of Boreal Dale, May 2017 - January 2018

Guildmaster of Reeves of Boreal Dale, February 2017 - May 2017

Scribe of Boreal Dale, February 2016 - July 2016

Baron of Boreal Dale, January 2014 - August 2014

Baron of Boreal Dale, September 2012 - July 2013

Sheriff of Boreal Dale, June 2012 - September 2012

Shire Regent of Boreal Dale, December 2010 - May 2012

Pro-Tem Shire Regent of Boreal Dale, October 2010 - December 2010

Dragonmaster of Boreal Dale, September 2010 - March 2011

Pro-Tem Shire Champion of Boreal Dale, April 2010 - June 2010

Boreal Dale Dragonmaster of Boreal Dale, December 2009 - March 2010

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Company of the White Boar
Household of the Order of the Silver Spoon
Honorary Shadowfang

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