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Zhukai Alestone, of Greenharbor, Polaris


Started Amtgard at Mithril Forest in 2008, and eventually quit that terrible park to join Ice Haven in 2010. After much harassment from Ketsif Tisarin he started playing regularly and is working towards improving his skill with stick.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Asura
Formerly a member of the Justicars
Jesters of Olympus

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


Ice Haven Champion, 9/2011 - 2/2012
Ice Haven Champion, 11/2010 - 3/2011
Ice Haven Champion, 01/2013 - 6/2013
Polaris Guildmaster of Reeves 5/2013 - 11/2013

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More Information

  • Prefers a speed pole to a war pole.
  • Also know as Cory.