Zol's Castle

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Zol's Castle was the first great travelling amtgard castle, meaning it was made of wood and it could be disassembled, loaded onto a trailer, taken to an event and set up again. It consisted of gates, a couple corner towers, and plywood height walls in a general "U" shape. It was used at Claw Camp at the Gathering of the Clans for many years.

Zol's Castle was defaced in the unfortunate Zol's Castle Defacing Incident at Spring War III.

It was pretty obvious who did it as their names were practically signed on their work, and most of them were involved in the attempt to clean it up the next day... there was also allegations that one witness to it had been threatened that night, overall an ugly incident.

Eventually the castle found its way into he possession of the Empire of the Iron Mountains where it is a regular feature at Rakis.