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Amtgard Household
Kingdom Multi-Kingdom
Focus The Colony
Founded May 16, 2020
Status Active



Biography of Group

The Household was initially founded under the name "A Household Where We Pretend to be Ants in a LARP" by Brother Beez on May 16, 2020.

Upon taking office on May 19, 2020, as the first Queen of The Colony, Countess Squire Drū-Kära Silverblade changed its name to ANTGARD, following the results of the Household informal election on the name change.

Contact Information

Visit us at on Facebook at [1] and on Discord at The Colony at


Notable Accomplishments

  1. build
  2. protect
  3. forage
  4. feed
  5. hunt
  6. manage

Additional Images

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More Information

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