Ahn Dantea

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Ahn Dantea, Maestro of the Coast

"Musically Delicious”

"A groove is a terrible thing to waste”

"I've heard better music in the bathroom”



A member of Ched Nesad since 06, Ahn left due to collegiate aspirations only to wind up at Towson and in the presence of peers in the same predicament. After joining up with college buddy Kaddock and his group at Towson University, Ahn continued the game after moving to West Virginia where she joined Crystal Groves full time. Over the years she has been found roaming between Towson, Bitter Coast, Crystal Groves, and Rising Sun Station. Ahn is the kind of person who will volunteer, but rarely runs for office unless necessary. She prefers to kick back under a tree and make music, but still loves combat even though she's more into the arts.

After leaving Bitter Coast she moved up to the Jer-say shoar where she helped in the founding of the Shire of Bridgehaven, a bastion of freedom for all races and entry point to the Kingdom of Goldenvale. With a year under her belt there she returned to DC and the Kingdom of Crystal Groves as a member of Rising Sun Station. Ahn spent her field time writing new music and busting flanks on the ditch field. With the pandemic hitting hard and Bitter Coast deciding to close its doors; her mentors departed. She resigned herself to retirement, taking a 5 year hiatus.

Now that she and her wife Vrka have settled in Lancaster, the field of battle has called her from the woods again.

Affiliated Groups

  • Ravens
  • Se7ev

Belted Family


  • None


  • Warlord Sir Tosc
  • Sir Darva Oakstake

Notable Accomplishments

More Information

    • Regent (Pro-tem) - Duchy of Crystal Groves 2011-07-01 - 2011-11-01
    • Regent (Pro-tem) - Duchy of Bitter Coast 2013-11-14 - 2014-06-01
    • Co-founder - Shire of Bridghaven 2015-03-29