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Grand Duchess Aristiri Skiiesdottir, of Mithril Hills within the Northern Lights, Kingdom of Blackspire

”I'm going to sew a beltloop to your nose!!!”-- said to then King Darrian while giving birth to their daughter.



Alene DiaSkiie Kirkpatrick started playing in July 1994 in Shrouded Valley, VSR when her eldest son was 3 weeks old. She attended Mystic Glade in Knoxville, TN briefly (January – July 1996), returning to Shrouded Valley, VSR in late August that year. When she was made a Bird of Prey in 1998, she was given the nickname "Aristiri" (Crimson Hawk). She moved her credits to Mithril Hills (then VSR, now BS) in June 2003.

On the rare occasion she is on the field, Aristiri prefers to play Druid. If it is Arts and Sciences, service, or office related, Aristiri is interested. Her Knight, Sir Hawk and her former Squire, Warlord Shyden tried desperately to teach her to fight. Working very hard(ly), Aristiri has managed to earn her Order of the Snake! She hopes to remember to enter a second tournament one day...

She and her husband Syr Darrian de Craymore have three children: Rache Tyricson - no mundane relation to Tyric), age 15, and Andel & Marie Craymore, ages two and one respectively.

The Belt Thing

Was once a Knight of the Crown (VSR 2000, Arch Duke Gaelin) and a Knight of the Serpent (VSR 1999, Sir Tyric).

She was stripped of her Crown belt and had her Serpent belt suspended in 2004 for stealing from VSR's coffers (in May 2003). The people of VSR also voted at that time that she would no longer be allowed to hold a kingdom office or touch funds. The BOD of VSR suspended her from attending anywhere in VSR for six months, and from attending kingdom events for a further six months (May 2004 - May 2005).

She resigned her serpent belt at Blackspire's Althing in May 2005. The belt was resigned prior to a vote that was to be held that day to strip it. The vote to strip the belt was still held as scheduled. In spite of Aristiri resigning her belt at that althing, the althing still voted with the required numbers to strip the belt.

In February 2007, by Althing, Blackspire voted to allow her to run for Regent, reversing the earlier decision.

In July 2009, by Althing, Blackspire voted to allow her to fight for Champion, further reversing the earlier decision.

Aristiri is still not allowed to hold the offices of Monarch, Prime Minister, or GMR at the kingdom level, or touch Blackspire funds.

Belted Family

Offices Held

  • County Chancellor – Shrouded Valley, VSR (November 1994-November 1995)
  • County Chancellor – Shrouded Valley, VSR (August 1996-July 1997)
  • Ducal Regent – Shrouded Valley, VSR (July 1997 – August 1997) (abdicated to finish reign as Duchess)
  • Pro-Tem Duchess - Shrouded Valley, VSR (August – October 1997)
  • Duchess - Shrouded Valley, VSR (October 1997 - March 1998)
  • Sheriff – Serenity Plains, VSR (March – June 1998) (abdicated to serve as VSR Pro-Tem Prime Minister)
  • Pro-Tem Prime Minister – VSR (June – August 1998)
  • Prime Minister – VSR (August 1998 - January 1999)
  • Seneschal – VSR (March-October 1999)
  • 14th Monarch – VSR (October 1999 – April 2000)
  • 16th Monarch – VSR (October 2000 – April 2001)
  • 17th Monarch – VSR (April – October 2001)
  • Pro-Tem Shire Champion – Crimson Skies, VSR (February – April 2002)
  • 19th Monarch – VSR (April – October 2002)
  • 20th Monarch – VSR (November 2002 – May 2003)
  • GMR – VSR (April – May 2004) (removed from office for striking the Monarch after Amtgard)
  • Baronial Regent – Mithril Hills, BS (November 2005 – September 2006) (abdicated to finish reign as Baroness)
  • Pro-Tem Baroness – Mithril Hills, BS (September – October 2006)
  • 8th Regent – Blackspire (September 2008 - February 2009)
  • 9th Regent – Blackspire (March 2009 - September 2009)
  • 11th Regent – Blackspire (March 2010 - Present)


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