Astrean Andalsa

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Baron Astrean Andalsa of the Burning Lands

”What fresh Nirvana is this???”


Astrean joined at the somewhat tender age of 12, when Amtgard was but 3 years old. Lots of stuff happened, involving great quantities of duct tape. He doesn't remember most of it, and is pretty sure Aramithris is to blame. Primarily a Wizard, Astrean was very often their Guildmaster in the BL, and once initiated an abortive attempt to overhaul the class in an effort to make it more balanced. On a related note, he once attempted to jump-start a rules revision for Amtgard, in response to issues non-BL groups increasingly had with the rules as written. This was a part of the overall movement which lead to the 6.1 rules revisions. At around that time he switched his membership to Dragonspine for about a year, before moving away to college and becoming increasingly inactive.

15th Prime Minister of The Burning Lands. April 1990 - October 1990 (Which he does not remember, but supposes anything is possible).

6.1 Committee Controversy

Astrean was appointed to the 6.1 Committee by Aramithris as the representative of the Celestial Kingdom. This caused some protest from the CK as they did not have any say in who would be their representative. Furthermore, he was not even a member of the CK, though he lived more or less in their area (he maintained his membership in the Burning Lands).

He contributed a few early items but was not active on the committee after that (in part because he actually sided with CK in general, and Shanti in particular, on this issue).

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Squired to Sir Kalibria.

Notable Accomplishments

Prime Minister. Served several times on the Board of Directors, including as President, Treasurer.

Together with Iagen, created the first, and now long-defunct, AmtMUSH (which took down an entire Canadian server due to aggressively coded rats).

From a space on Tawnee's living room floor, and with liberal use of 'pause' and 'rewind' on her VCR, was one of a group of people who codified the rules of Jugging (at least insofar as it was played in BL at the time).

Is rumored to know the true identity of the Purple Duck, but has been sworn to take that secret to either his grave, or to IHOP, whichever is closest and has the most coffee.

Once hide so well during a zombie battle that he did not emerge again for weeks. Memorial Park was cleared of most underbrush not long afterward.

Other Facts

Still (jokingly!) bitter that they stripped everyone of their then-automatic masterhoods (upon achieving level 3) when the switch was made from a 3 level rulebook to 6. It hurts to this day. His therapist just went on a nice European vacation funded by the proceeds of the resultant therapy. And he's still pretty sure Aramithris is to blame.