Aust Nailo

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Aust Nailo 'The Bloody', of the Ivory Tower, in Rivermoor


"Do you know how few websites allow you to put umlauts on i's? Damn few."

”One time Aust and I were visiting a friend in the hospital after park in garb. No problem, except that Aust has this shirt soaked in pigs blood and we didn't know where we were going. The staff was pretty nervous about two medieval warriors wandering around a hospital, one appearing to be fatally wounded...” -Kite


Aust started participating at Ivory Tower in January 2008, after showing interest when his sister Silvia joined. He moved to Lands End in Autumn of 2014. Aust plays as a very good monk or wizard.

Affiliated Groups

Jackal Company Heraldry.jpeg Jackal Company

Ivory Tower Alchemy Guild

Belted Family

Aust claims no belted family

Notable Accomplishments

Champion of the Ivory Tower April, 20 2014 - October 2014.

First Baron of Lands End when it went to being a Barony.

  • Winner of keg heist night hunter, curse 2019

Additional Images

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Fighting in the monk lilypad battle against Ol' Man Ganyo

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More Information

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