Centerpoint Monarchy

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Behold here a listing of the rulers of Centerpoint

  Monarch Regent Prime Minister Champion Guildmaster of Reeves
Reign I (Summer 2007) Veneficus Tenebrus None/Wedge Auz Antaracles Sierto Burromalo None
Reign II (Winter 07-08) Auz Antaracles Veneficus Tenebrus Diermuid Jon Draven/Sierto Burromalo Sierto Burromalo/Tigger deCat
Reign III (Summer 2008) Ten's Family Reign Veneficus Tenebrus Wedge Biggs Diermuid Tigger deCat
Reign IV (Winter 08-09) Tigger deCat Dreadd Jester Diermuid/Jazzie Riordan Oce/Striker None/Tenebrus
Reign V (Summer 2009) Diermuid Squirrylbaynez Jazzie Riordan Dreadd Jester Tenebrus
Reign VI (Winter 09-10) Striker Peter Meddyk Diermuid Tyrrin None
Reign VII (Summer 10) Lily River Betsy Mother of Doom Tigger deCat Striker None
Reign VIII (Winter 10-11) Tigger deCat Striker Diermuid Phoenix None
Reign IX (Summer 11) Striker Tigger deCat Lily River Tyrrin None
Reign X (Winter 11) Thor Striker Lily River Tigger deCat None
Reign XI (Summer 12) Thor Striker Tigger deCat None None
Reign XII-XVI (Winter 12 - winter 15) The dark times, records are lost. Striker, Tigger deCat, Jarok, and Bakasura all held office during this time None None None None
Reign XVII (Summer 15) Striker None Jarok None Tigger deCat
Reign XVIII (Winter 15) Jarok Nimeria Tenebrus/Brognar Stonepaw None Tigger deCat
Reign XIX (Summer 16) Striker Pagoni Brognar Stonepaw/Reinhart Lauxus Stormtide Tigger deCat
Reign XX (Winter 16) Lauxus Stormtide Dreadd Jester Reinhart Draco Flamebreath Brognar Stonepaw
Reign XXI (Summer 17) Pagoni Jarok Sorell Reinhart/Exikio Magni Draco Flamebreath
Reign XXII (Winter 17) Reinhart Magni Exikio/Katriona Ragnar the Red Ass assen Nate
Reign XXIII (Summer 18) Tenebrus III Brognar Stonepaw Katriona/Reinhart Lamao Pending