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Lady Cookie de HunuWhoGod, of The Nomadic Tribes of the Emerald Coast, Neverwinter

”No Worries”

As the mist moves over the sand, a woman is seen collecting items from the Gulf of Mexico. She is of average build. She has three daughters helping her. She stands and looks around. You notice she has her sword on her hip and a satchel as well. She motions to her children without speaking a word and they know exactly what their mother has asked of them.

They gather all their belongings and head to the house a short distance from the shore in the woods. She knows you are following her so she slows to meet you after her children are safely inside their house. You expect her sword but not her smile or her bow. You missed those due to the mist. She asks you a few questions and once you have answered them to her satisfaction she says ...

"Welcome to the Nomadic Tribe of the Emerald Coast. What brings you to the salty shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Come in have a seat and tell us some tales from where you are from."

Green Lanterns Service Household

Squire to

Sir Venus HunuWhoGod

I have Minions

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