Current events feb 21-27

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Burning Lands

  • Held a Dragonmaster on February 12th, results still pending.

Emerald Hills

Celestial Kingdom

  • Has not approved my request to join their yahoo list.

Golden Plains

  • Sir Bearrug and Sir Hern have declared their candidacy for Monarch of Golden, Sir Boots and Renity have declared for Regent, and there are currently no declarations for Champion

Iron Mountains

  • Dragon master and Weapon master competitions coming up on March 5th at the Iron Mountains seat in Denver
  • Rakis will be held at a new site just outside Trinidad, Co on June 15-19 [1]



  • Today [2/19] was a good but kinda slow day at dragonspine. There was about 35 people at the park and everyone did something at some point in the day. There was a little bit of ditching followd[sic] by a capture the flag battle game. Everyone seemed melancholy in some way, likely due to the weather but by the end of the day most people seemed to leave a little happier then they came. There was even a few people who stayed till past 5pm.


  • Dragonspine is hosting a "no champs tourney" for people with 3 or less orders of the warrior, this Saturday February 26th


  • The Wetlands Midreign is scheduled for Friday, February 25th, with a full 3 day schedule produced by Taven Char.


  • The Principality of Winter's Edge renews it's campaign to become its own Kingdom, and plans to submit it's proposal to the CoM at Clan.


  • Sir Silverlock won the Warmaster Tourney, and is now Warmaster of Blackspire for the millionth time.
  • Sir Silverlock is running for Monarch of Blackspire, Isone and Wicked are competing for the position of regent, Sir Moonshine and Abdul are competing for the position of Kingdom Champion.
  • Blackspires new A&S champion is Isone
  • In what some might term MS/VSR history repeating itself, the Duchy of Mithril Hills is publicly considering switching their sponsorship from Blackspire directly to the Principality of Northern Lights, which is in turn sponsored by Blackspire

Rising Winds Rising Winds Coronation is coming up, March 24th-27th at Fallen Rock Campground. Has not approved my membership on their list. Crystal Groves

Desert Winds Midreign will be held at Eklo city park beginning at 11 am this week, at the Desert Rose with a battlegame, and a potluck A&S Fitz Won Dragonmaster, with 11.33 points. More details [2] Warmaster was a tie between Orko and Hannoske, with Grix coming in 3rd. Salt Wars has been updated to May 26th-29th. Tal Dagore

Freeholds Chapters

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