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Dagonet the Fool, of Felfrost, Goldenvale.

I look like I'm flying!

The flying fro dude.


Fatefully started playing Amtgard under the name Fei Shou when dragged out to the newly started Felfrost by Ausric. He soon fell in love with the game and society. His first experience outside of Felfrost was a field day in Twilight Peak. Unfortunately, due to work load of his first summer in amtgard, he was forced to phase out for the summer months.

Affiliated Groups

None, yet.

Belted Family

None, yet.

Notable Accomplishments

Awarded the non-noble title of "The Fool" by Baron Bear at Twilight Peak Midreign 2009

Co-Founded Felfrost in September 2007.

Positions Held

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