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*[[Baron]] [[Savage]]
*[[Baron]] [[Belnieros]]
*[[Regent]] [[Ozzward]]
*[[Regent]] [[Miri]]
*[[Champion]] [[Cid Wizard]]
*[[Prime Minister]] [[Lady Minerva the Mousy]]
*[[Prime Minister]]
*[[Champion]] [[Klar]]
*[[Guildmaster of Reeves]]  
*[[Guildmaster of Reeves]]
==List of Members==
==List of Members==

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Amtgard Chapter
Dusk Hollow Heraldry.jpg
Rising Moon
Kingdom Blackspire
Status Barony
City Dallas Oregon
Park Dallas City Park
Meets on Sunday @12pm
Founded ???

Dusk Hallow, a Barony of the Kingdom of Blackspire in Dallas, OR


Coming Son


List of Members

Record of Leadersip

Major Social Groups in Dusk Hallow

Fighting Companies:



Dusk Hollow meets on Sunday at noon in Dallas City Park.

Social Media

Additional Images

Dusk hallow top page.jpg
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