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Woman at Arms Duska, of Two Rivers Point, Goldenvale



Duska began coming to Amtgard because of Lofold, and has been instrumental in the survival of Annwyn through the park's summer.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Dame Linden (Flame 2005), (Crown 2007), (Serpent 2010)

Damn Alona Twotrees (Flame 2012)

Dame Roslyn (Serpent 2015)

Ser Petra (Flame, 2017)

Sir Corwyn Lindenson (Serpent) 2022

Positions Held

Regent of Annwyn, June 2012 - December 2012

Notable Accomplishments

  • Is well known for her love of penguins


  • Mistress Given by King Bowen - Goldenvale, December 2012
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