Esen Harem

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The Esen Harem exists to please their Banu, Yildiz of Istanbul.

Any connection between their presence at gatherings where assassinations occur is strictly coincidental.

Among the harem, there are several rankings.

  • Banu- Lady. Holds the position which normally a sultan would hold over the harem.
  • Valide Sultan- Normally mother of the sultan of a harem, this person is traditionally the one who keeps the harem members in line and keeps the peace. In the Esen Harem this position is mixed with the duties of accountant and acquisitions specialist as well, and is filled by a friend rather than the Banu's mother.
  • Kidan- One of the four favoured women of the harem, and one of the original eight members
  • Sehran- One of the four favoured men of the harem, and one of the original eight members
  • Odalisque- Female member of the harem
  • Kole- Male member of the harem

Everything is for the Banu.


The Esen Harem began as just Mia's Harem, until her harem members got all excited and organised and put together a feast for Tribal Rivals II.

For which they earned their first Flame.

Then she made it into a real household- and carried it into some fun rp. Hooray for flurbs! :)

Notable Accomplishments


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