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Baronet Goose MacDougall, of the Ivory Tower, Kingdom of Rivermoor

"As Orcses, we've no real qualms against serving evil... so long as we gets dental..." - Goose, while playing an Orc in a quest.

Lord Goose.jpeg


Goose started Amtgard in the Shire of the Ivory Tower, in April of 2006. He is well-known throughout the Ivory Tower for his humor, reeving skill, and ability as a member of the court. Goose has long been a member of the Free Companies, of which he is an Oathbrother.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Received the noble title of Lord after excelling in court for two years without a break, by Baron Matosai in December of 2010.
  • Received the noble title of Baronet, by Prince Argile in November of 2012
  • Baronial Regent of Ivory Tower, April 2009-October 2009
  • Baronial Regent of Ivory Tower (multiple times)
  • Guild-master of Reeves, for the Principality of Rivermoor - date unknown
  • Baron of Ivory Tower (multiple times)
  • Principality of Rivermoor Guard - date unknown
  • Baronial Guild-master of Reeves of the Ivory Tower, October 2011-April 2012
  • Baroness of Ivory Tower, April 2012 - October 2012
  • Walker in the Middle November, 2012

Additional Images

Lord Goose Reeving.jpeg

"U mad?"

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