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Woman at Arms Halo Andromeda VanElderen, of Irongate, Golden Plains

Home Park Irongate
Kingdom Golden Plains
Noble Title None
Belt Status Woman at Arms

Long Live the Gate! Forever may she stand!



A year ago, Halo Andromeda VanElderen was found in a small eatery in Canyon, Texas and, looking lost and alone, was asked if she had a place to call home. She was taken to the Barony of Evermore Hollow and shown the ways of Amtgard and made many friends. She had recently left her home at a small convent in Fort Morgan, CO where she lived her life as a monk. Having found that the world of Amtgard had a place and trained monks in combat and the ways of the world, she decided to make a home here. In her travels, she found a set of twin boys, half-elfling children who had been abandoned on the side of the road and she took them for her own. She named them Gunnar, who took the road of the assassin, and the other she named Pierce, and he took the road of color as he loved to create things, regale people with his witty sarcasm, and to take care of the people of all the parks they had visited. Gunnar took sick and had to leave the land for a while.

After coming to Barony of Evermore Hollow, Halo traveled to Raven's Cross and became their Regent for one term and enjoyed it immensely. She grew to love the people in her park and enjoyed her time there. Halo decided to take the role of a Druid after seeing the magic within the realm and decided to betray her Northern Brethren and leave the North for a position helping the people in the Duchy of Irongate in Lubbock, TX. While in Irongate, Halo was honored by becoming the Woman of Arms of Sir Bloody Jack Flint, and also became Regent by qual of the Duchy of Irongate. While working as Regent, she brought together the kingdom thru arts and sciences, friendship, and affection for the people of her realm.

Her story will continue, as she is still working on many things in the Kingdom and has many plans to continue to serve the Duchy of Irongate and the Kingdom of the Golden Plains.

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