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This page attempts to describe the various groups on Amtwiki and the privileges that each has.

Unregistered Users

If you aren't logged in you can create talk pages for articles, create an account, create pages, edit pages, read pages, and use the API. For the most part, even if you aren't logged in you can still do everything you need to do to help out this Wiki.

When you aren't logged in your IP address is recorded with every edit you make to the Wiki. If you are concerned about privacy, especially in regards to your general location, then it is highly recommended you make an account.

Logged In Users

Logged in users can do everything that unregistered users can do, plus a little bit more. They can mark edits as minor, move pages, upload files, author protect pages, purge the cache, and send emails to other users. Marking edits as minor means that they won't always show up in lists of edits, minor edits are often filtered out by advanced users because they are, well, minor.

Confirmed and Autoconfirmed Users

This isn't yet implemented on this wiki, but it will be soon. Autoconfirmed users are registered users that have had an account for at least two weeks and have made at least ten edits. They share all the same privileges of Confirmed users. Confirmed users don't have to fill out the captcha anymore. They can also edit pages that are marked as semi-protected. Its a matter of trust. Once you have been confirmed or autoconfirmed, we trust that you are not going to fill the website with spam or screw up semi-protected pages.

Not having to fill out the captcha is a good reason to make an account and make a few edits with it.


These users aren't really users at all. Accounts that are marked as bots are actually used by programs that make mass edits on the Wiki for things that would take humans ages to do on their own. Bots can make use of the API without the same limits that people have (because that's all they can use), their edits are automatically marked as not problematic, they don't have to fill out the captcha (it would be impossible for them to work if they did!), they can edit semi-protected pages, and they can change user's talk pages without triggering the "New Message" notification (so they can fix silly mistakes like unsigned messages).

Bots are generally a force of good, but they are given a lot of privileges, and more than anyone else, can easily mess up the Wiki. They are only run by trusted individuals. If there is a bot causing problems, contact the bot's operator, and then an admin immediately. Bots, being as they are automated, can very quickly wreak a lot of havek.


Look here for a list of admins

These are the guys who are running Amtwiki. Admins get all the privileges of Confirmed Users plus the ability to protect pages from edits, edit protected pages, block users (registered and unregistered), delete pages, change the interface text on the wiki, have their edits automatically marked as not problematic, skip the captcha, rename files, rollback edits, not be affected by any rate limits, unblock themselves, view deleted pages, and use the API like a bot.

Admins have a lot of power. The status is only given to those that are trusted and have a need for it. People who don't actively use their admin powers may have them removed.


Bureaucrats are a special type of admin. They are especially trusted, even among admins, and gain only a few extra privileges from regular admins. Bureaucrats have the ability to promote and demote people to and from Admin and Bureaucrat status. They can also rename user accounts.

If you are an Admin and trying to become a Bureaucrat, get in touch with Crispin