Katahztrofi D. Blackheart

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Countess Sir Katahztrofi D. Blackheart del Khahli, of the Burning Lands

”guts or nuts....your choice"



Began playing in Emerald Hills, then moved to Iron Mountains for a piece, then back to Emerald Hills, then to The Freehold of the Golden Plains, and currently a member of Burning Lands

Affiliated Groups

Battle Company: Esydra

Household: La Cosa Nostra

Belted Family

Prior to being knighted, Katahztrofi was Squire to Sir Cabal.

Sir Katahztrofi

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

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Additional Information

  • Joined the family line of Del Khahli November 2010 under Sir Iago

More Information

www.puss-n-boots-emporium.com where you can find Garb, Trinkets, and More......

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website