Killian of Inland Ocean

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MAA Elder Von Killian, of Inland Ocean, member of the Kingdom of Northern Lights

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Killian started attending in the early 2000's, or '99, Amtgard was a hobby to help hone the skills of other larping adventures. A love for the home park Inland Ocean sprouted, but until around 2015 attendance to anything Amtgard related was sporadic at best. Since the Summer of 2015 Killian has been neck deep in the whacky bats, practices, meme making, helping out his Land and his Kingdom where ever he can.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

MAA to Squire Steel Hammerfall

Given MAA belts to Edgar and Rekt, both of Inland Ocean (under his Edler Von title)

Notable Accomplishments

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Edler Von


Any class masterhoods you hold


Baron of Inland Ocean, Summer 2020 Regent of Inland Ocean, Summer 2018, Winter 2017 Prime Minister of Inland Ocean, Spring 2017, Fall 2016, (partial) Spring 2016

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