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Squire Baroness Delynn "Klepto" Ovitroshi of Mithril Hills, Blackspire

"Klepto was here!"



Klepto, formerly known as Delynn, joined Amtgard with her father, Sir Shortround of Annihalus, around 11 years ago. Many Amtgardians met her as "Shorty's Kid". Now all grown up with new name, Klepto attends Amtgard at her home park Mithril Hills every Sunday. Not much of a stick jock, she is more interested in the A&S area of Amtgard, and enters Quals and Dragon Masters when she can. When everyone goes out to fight, she is usually found sitting at a table reading, writing, drawing, taking photos, and taking care of the moneybag for those buying items to help fill the coffers. Any fighting Klepto does is sparring and ditching. She does on the odd occasion volunteer to Reeve games as well.

  • Klepto was elected as the 23rd Ducal Regent of Mithril Hills in January of 2010.
  • Also stepped up as Pro-Tem Duchess in June of 2010.
  • Elected as Duchess in August of 2010.
  • Received title of Baroness from King Baelnorn in February 2011.

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