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The Mad Alchemist, Kristoff Gradov, of Dark Shores, Rising Winds

”Politics aside, let's kill each other.”



Krisoff started Amtgarding in 2003 in the now defunct Three Rivers Shire and went on to follow Gere Von Stien during the schism that nearly killed that shire. He is known for providing monster garb and makeshift armor for those without, as well as his efficacy with a greatsword and mage-hunting. He holds a personal disdain for magic users and seeks them out first in any battle, oftentimes getting wounded or killed in his brazen attempts to stop them from casting their spells.

Was elected unanimously for Regent of the Shire of Dark Shores in November 2008.

He also builds siege weapons. In caves. With boxes of scraps.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Given the title "Mad Alchemist" by Sheriff Gabriel Aerandil Viridian, June 2009.

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