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Countess Squire Lily FaceWrecker, of Eagleshire, Emerald Hills.

”There's no rest for the winged, bro.” - Khaleesi

Lily facewrecker1.jpg


~ Squire of the Risen ~ Bender of Shields ~ Khaleesi of the Green Dragons ~ Head of Equestrian Affairs for House Malgallus & House Magnificentia ~

Squired to Grand Duke Sir Solithan Thorn - EH Mid-Reign - September 2017

Squired to Sir Zigful Sai Yuk (Deceased) - Spring War 14 - March 2007

Affiliated Groups

Lieutenant of the Green Dragons from WBW 2018 - WBW 2019 Captain of the Green Dragons from WBW 2016 - WBW 2018

Belted with the Green Dragons at Banner Wars 2007 with Ghost.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

- Won the Women's Tourney at Spring War 14

-Jynx saw her at Spring War 14 and saw her destroy the face of her then boyfriend, Aidan. Jynx then refused to fight her the rest of the event, even going to sign up for a tournament and seeing her sign in, "oh you're fighting in this, I'm out." To the extent that Ziggy himself came to ask the fateful question.. "So, your scared of my Squire, eh? She's a nice person. Fight her". To this day, Jynx will NOT fight her.

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More Information

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