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Maramus, of North Haven, Polaris

"Waffo!" and '"Waffles!"



A long time player, starting in 1993, Maramus has traveled coast to coast in his travels in Amtgardia. Maramus has played in just about every Kingdom in Amtgard. Originally from the Kingdom of the Wetlands, Maramus learned to sling foam as a Wizard. Resulting in the almost unheard of (and sometimes laughed about) mastery of the two dagger technique. His fellow players are more afraid of him when he wields a pair of daggers, than when he swings a sword about. One of the many unfortunate victims of the records crash in the Wetlands all of Maramus's awards were lost to the winds. Maramus prides himself in being one of the few honorable fighters in North Haven. He pretend to be more of a flurb than a stick jock, but others seem to have a different opinion. He is happy to swing foam, rain or shine, blizzard or blistering sun, in sickness and in health, til shattered do him part.

Affiliated Groups

  • Order of the White Rose - Last remaining member of this Household. Now a fighting company for the House of the White Rose.
  • House of the White Rose - A reorganised household dedicated to fair play and enjoyment of the game, Inspired by the original Order.
  • House of Shadow's Home - A House that was formed when the Shire of Shadow's Home was merged with North Haven and adopted the new name.

Belted line

Maramus has chosen the life of humility, as well as independance. As such, no knight would have him due to his arrogance, bad temper, and stubbornness.

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Held Champion position umpty-billion times.


Perfers none. He pretends to be humble.


Has held champion and sherrif