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Lord Man-At-Arms Mason Stone Paragon Warrior, of Greenwood Keep, Northern Lights

”Ire Cum Fiducia (Go forth with Confidence)”

Biography & Personas

Mason Stone, the son of a dockworker and a teacher grew up following his passion for combat and his inborn honor. Joining the city guard of Ravnica two years earlier than most, Mason accepted the title and responsibility of Sergeant and the position as second hand man to the Captain in charge of guarding the queen’s gate. Seeking greater adventures Mason left the guard to travel.

Known personas taken on by Mason Stone over the years in the Land of Amtgard.

Mason Stone; Warrior: Shortly after leaving the guard of Ravnica Mason hired on to any job needing a strong arm and a steady mind. Mason traveled many years earning the Kingdom Honor of Paragon of Warriors for his feats in battle and mentorship of new warriors.

Mason Stone; Battle Field Healer: Mason Stone had for some time settled to teach when war broke out and he was called again to action to defend his home. While battle ranged around him Mason called upon new strength to aid his fellow soldiers, white light burst forth and broken warriors rose to fight once more. Mason Stone would come to be known throughout that war charging through the battle lines in his full armor, hands glowing white with healing while red blood still dripped off his sword.

    • Peace was officially declared later that year, but smaller armies would continue it for almost a year after

Mason Stone; The Flint Blade(Assassin): While the battles in fields and forests were over, alleys and mansions still saw blood spill in the political struggle after the war. Little is known of Mason during this time, and only two things trace him back to these long nights were few in power slept. One of these special throwing knife style, a rounded blade widely used today, that he is credited with creating(and using to great affect) during this time frame; The other is that shortly after the dust settled, Mason's allies were in power with no challengers.

Sloan the Delicious; Barbarian Power: Mason Stone left court and was not seen again for many years; but rumor tells of a Barbarian from the highlands above the great forest wearing armor very similar to that on the mighty Stone. This sheep herder turned fighter goes by Sloan the Delicious and came into the light after beating several monsters to death with a combination of battle fury and a few of his extremely hardy sheep. Sloan now travels the country seeking riches and good times.

Monster Personas

Ishiku; Demon of the Tall Pines: Ishiku came to the world of Amtgard through dark ritual and clever manipulation. Now he stalks the forests of Northern Lights continuing to grow his power.

Imp; The King Goblin of The Pine forest. Imp was bored and went to watch the battle. Imp looted and killed some people that were around the battle and found some shinny magic objects. Imp went back and killed the old King Goblin. Imp is now the King Goblin.

Affiliated Groups

House of Comforts Household

Hussars Fighting Company, Foundering Member, Greenwood Keep 2017

Belted Family

  • Mason Stone, Man at Arms to Squire Steel Hammerfall, who is Squire to Sir Shiny Blackthorn Knight of the Serpent.

Man At Arms Brothers

  • Killian of Inland Ocean
  • Bjorn Greyheart of Inland Ocean

Womans at Arms, Under Lord Title

  • Keeni Moss of Greenwood Keep

Notable Accomplishments

  • Lord Title, Given by King Sir Sho Obsidian, July 2016
  • Paragon Warrior Given by Lady Kaylin Underhell, March 2016
  • Baron of Greenwood Keep, March 2016 - March 2017
  • Champion of Greenwood Keep, October 2015 - March 2016

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