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Mernath Silverfang, of Ivory Tower, Rivermoor

”You can call me Jon Snow. Because I know nothing.”

“I’m the nicest @$$hole you’ll ever meet.”



Mernath started in 2016 in Silver riders, at the time a freehold, he was given his first weapon by his friend Lethos on his first day at park. He discovered a love for armor making and leather working after a demonstration and course held by Argile. Mernath Transferred to Ivory Tower in 2018. He became an apprentice wizard at summer trails #20Knighteen Mernath was elevated to paragon scout at KWW 2022

=Affiliated Groups

Full member of Wings of the Dawn as of Curse 2021

Belted Family

Man-at-arms to Aeonte Etolamas

Notable Accomplishments

Befriended a wild Bloo

Spun a barrel with a uni inside of it half way across the battlefield.

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