Mithril Hills

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Mithril Hills is a Duchy of Blackspire located in Longview, WA, sixty miles north of Portland.


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  • Mithril Hills was originally founded as Bon Mot Glen by Arch-Duke Gaelin of Devenshire in May of 1999. The group was created when the land in Longview at the time (Dark Valley) became divided and the group split. Dark Valley would disolve as a land in October of 1999, when the remaining members decided to join into Bon Mot Glen. In October of 2000 Bon Mot Glen obtained Barony status and also voted to change its name to Mithril Hills. This was also the date when Mithril Hills adopted the land colors of blue, black, and silver and voted in their heraldry. In March of 2001 Mithril Hills joined under Mystic Seas, the land would later come back under sponsorship of VSR in March of 2002. Mithril Hills obtained Duchy status in October of 2002. Mithril Hills was demoted back to Barony status in October of 2004 due to a decline in active numbers. Mithril Hills has been promoted, once more, to the Status of Duchy, by King Darrian, in February of 2008.

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Duke of the Mithril Hills - Klepto

Ducal Regent of the Mithril Hills - Highlander

Prime Minister of the Mithril Hills - Cole

Ducal Champion of the Mithril Hills - Shyden

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Contacts and Directions

They meet at Lake Sacajawea, Sundays at noon. Tseng (360)425-4292


  • Get on I-5 (Head South if you're comming from an exit before 36, or North if you're comming from an exit after 36.)
  • Take Exit 36
  • Follow the Kelso signs into town.
  • You will come to an intersection down the road a few miles. (There will be an AmPm on your right and a Burger King to your left.)
  • Continue Forward through that intersection. You will see a covered area directly to your right, you should also see us practicing.