Murky Waters

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A Duchy of the Celestial Kingdom

Amtgard Chapter
Murky Waters1.jpg
Murky Waters
The Celestial Kingdom
Status Duchy
City Killeen, Texas
Park Long Branch park
Meets on Sundays at 2pm
Founded 2000
Active Active


Heraldry for Murky Waters


Murky Waters was founded in 2000 by kayden blackridge, Rhyke, Falon and Ronin Bloodrose in Lampasas before being moved to Killeen. It is known for its 'happy-shiny' attitudes and the Festival of the Mask and Troll Fest it's Kingdom level Events. Murky Waters received its Duchy status at the Midreign of King Blackwolf Wyngarde of the Celestial Kingdom.


Duke Watcher (Attila the un)
Regent Firestorm
Chancellor Lirael
Champion Rennis


Members of this park cycle out often due to it's close proximity to the military base Fort Hood, hosting residents stretching from its original location in Lampasas, to Belton. Current List of active players.

Alysiandra Man-at-Arms Anders the Indifferent Angel Dark Hammer Balmung Squire Bulldog Direwolf Wyngarde Crackers/Goofy
Dragonfly Firestorm Gallifrey Grimalkin Hagar Hyuga Neji Gara
Man-at-Arms Inferno Jezabel Kasigito Lenny Libitina Faust Duke Squire Distan TGD
Lord Redwolf Lord-at-Arms Ronin Bloodrose Luminitsa Malicious Tinkerbug Nicile Qilamil
Sir Blackwolf Wyngarde Valen Cauthon William Squiare Squire Xandryia Whitewolf Wyngarde Akira Flannwulf Blaze
Squire Blight Wyngarde Man-at-Arms Briar|Cesare Cutter Janus Dark Vader Death
Eerie Fang Whitewolf Gillzer Joffrey kaiser Feaner Kaji
Kel Shadowrage Komo Sai Kuron] Lady Orb Wyngarde Legulos Lord Gurgi Lonewolf(Mud, Bearfoot,Fizz, Fingers),
Lord Squire Sebastion Wyngarde, Pirate King Mars Mijo Monoko Nague Woman-at-Arms Nyxin
Natureboy Nepeta Puream Ravenheart Darkstone Redx Riutak Sir Baggera Rex
Skrawwl Shaowbane Tequila The Kid Xeric Darkstone Zonar

Directions and Contacts

From Highway 190 1. Head north on South W S Young Drive toward E Central Texas Expy 1.8 mi

2. Continue onto N W S Young Dr0.5 mi

3. Turn right onto E Rancier Ave 1.2 mi

4. Turn left onto Branch Dr Destination will be on the right 0.2 mi

5. Murky Waters is usually located in the first set of pavilions as you enter Long Branch Park from Rancier Ave.

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