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Lady Woman-At-Arms Nimeria Galvorn, of Centerpoint, Rivermoor

”Fornicatio id sum Exploderus” -Family Motto
”You are totally a fluffy bunny. Harmless and fluffy, in that Bunnicula will rip your face off kind of way.” -Eliessi
”Welcome to Amtgard, where the story is made up and the deaths don't matter.”-Nims
"Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's Gem Fusion."
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Nims started playing in Crystal Groves in Summer 2007. She spent a couple years between Solstice and Crystal Groves before moving on to assist Sir Angrist in founding Rising Sun Station in 2011. She was granted a lady title in February of 2012. She relocated to Centerpoint in May of 2015 and she has served as Pro-temp GMR and previously served as Centerpoint's BoD rep. She is also a member of Eternal Flame. After a brief stay in Ebon Falls of Golenvale she returned to Centerpoint in Rivermoor before retiring indefinitely.

Affiliated Groups

  • Amtgard Spoonies Household
  • Caer Annwyn - Finvarrah 2013-14

Notable Accomplishments

  • Co-Founder of Rising Sun Station
  • Lady - Granted for excessive amounts of work organizing Rising Sun Station and organizing the opening day war along side of Aiyana
  • Designer and successful implementer of the most current By-Laws for the Caer Annwyn (with help from Marius Mericles and Bagel
  • Dubbed "Broken Wing" by Tenebrus for surviving an unfathomable number of field injuries unrelated to actual combat
  • Successfully containing Tenebrus' ego enough to prevent it from destroying him
  • The final ingredient

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