Noodles Aldente

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Home Park Boreal Dale
Kingdom Goldenvale
Year Started 2013
Noble Title Duke
Belt Status Man-at-Arms

Duke Man-at-Arms Noodles Aldente the Nighthunter of Boreal Dale, Goldenvale

”We are a bunch of adults hitting each other with foam while being drunk off our ass. Do you think we can behave?”
"Drag and computers. It's what I'm good at."


Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

He was previously the man-at-arms to Leith Ericson. He paged Lucy Northwind shortly after becoming a lord, then later made Salad Olivier his man-at-arms on 13 June 2015. Ari was paged in May 2016.

Dame Linden (Flame 2005), (Crown 2007), (Serpent 2010)

Damn Alona Twotrees (Flame 2012)

Dame Roslyn (Serpent 2015)

Ser Petra (Flame, 2017)

Sir Corwyn Lindenson (Serpent) 2022

Notable Accomplishments

More Information

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